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November 15, 2023

Sherweb, an award-winning cloud distribution company and long-time partner of Leucan, has been providing ongoing support to the Association for over 10 years, notably through the organization of the Sherweb Leucan Challenge. This event encompasses a series of fundraising activities held each summer, mobilizing employees around the cause of children affected by cancer, while fostering meaningful links within the company.

To mark the occasion this year, Sherweb decided to focus its support on the activities organized at the four hospital centers specializing in pediatric oncology in Quebec. To this end, Sherweb has generously donated $35,000 to Leucan.

This invaluable financial contribution will make it possible to carry out activities enjoyed by children and their parents, helping to break the isolation of hospitalized families and make waiting and treatment less painful for children. The playrooms set up by Leucan offer activities led by educators and enable children to live in the moment, rather than anticipating their treatments.

It’s thanks to committed partners like Sherweb that Leucan can continue to provide vital support to children affected by cancer and their loved ones.

Leucan would like to express its deep gratitude to all Sherweb employees, with a special mention to Sarah Malo, marketing and event strategist, who played a key role as the project’s driving force, and to executives Peter Cassar and Matthew Cassar for their constant and dedicated support.

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