Leucan established the Palliative Care and Bereavement Support service to support families going through this ordeal. 

Since then, the department has expanded to include a help line and support services through palliative care and bereavement. Leucan Family Advisors ensure a personalized follow-up to every family going through this loss to assess their needs and lend a compassionate ear. 

Objectives of Palliative Care and Bereavement Support: 

  • Provide support to bereaved parents and siblings 
  • Host respite and healing activities and stays 
  • Break families out of their isolation by providing opportunities to connect with other bereaved families
  • Provide tools to normalize the experience of family members
  • Give families a space to talk about the deceased child 

Massage Therapy

Bereaved families continue to have access to massage therapy services to assist them in taking care of themselves and to restore a sense of calm during such a tumultuous time. 

Financial Assistance

  • Psychological Assistance Fund: Leucan can provide financial assistance to cover the fees of therapy sessions to parents or children who face challenges going through the expected stages of bereavement.
  • Funeral Assistance Fund: In accordance with pre-established criteria, Leucan can provide financial assistance to families to cover part of the funeral expenses. 


  • Soon after the death, the family will receive an information kit containing documentation suitable for every family member. 
  • Grieving Info: Bereaved families will receive the Grieving Info newsletter three times a year, which includes helpful readings and information on the assistance services available and upcoming activities. 
  • The Leucan Information Centre: To support families seeking useful information on the bereavement process, the Leucan Information Centre offers books, CDs, and DVDs on this topic. These resources are also made available to families as part of organized activities.

Socio-affective Activities

  • Activities include:
  • A nurturing break for bereaved mothers 
  • A weekend for bereaved couples 
  • Sharing groups for parents 
  • An annual commemorative ceremony (also available to the extended family and friends) 
  • A two-night respite stay for the entire family, courtesy of Fairmont Château Montebello
  • A weekend for fathers
  • Sharing and education groups for siblings
  • Horseback riding day for young adults

All activities are free. If your financial situation still limits your ability to participate in the activities, please talk to your advisor to find an arrangement.

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