Each year, Leucan presents various awards to generous individuals whose commitment to the cause of cancer-stricken children deserves special recognition.

The Association also awards three scholarships each year to young Leucan members to support them in their post-secondary studies. Learn more about these extraordinary people who are part of the great Leucan family.

The Camie Trophy 

The Camie Trophy, a ladybug representing Leucan, is awarded to outstanding individuals who have provided an exemplary philanthropic support to Leucan as volunteers over a number of years. By soliciting their network, those committed volunteers have raised more than $500,000 in donations to Leucan. Their mobilization and dedication are worthy of mention, and through this award, Leucan wishes to express its sincerest gratitude. The Association is fortunate to rely on such big-hearted individuals. THANK YOU! 

2021 recipient – Isobel Tardif and Carl Thibeault

Leucan is proud to present a Camie Trophy to Mrs. Isobel Tardif and Mr. Carl Thibeault, organizers of the Carlisopen Golf Tournament. Their dedication and loyalty have helped raise close to $520,000 for Leucan. It is a great pleasure to be able to count on their commitment for the past 17 years for the well-being of the Association’s member families.

Voir les récipiendaires de 2004 à 2020

November 2020 recipient – Kim Labrecque 

A proud partner of Leucan for more than 5 years, Mrs. Labrecque is leveraging her business, Mia bijoux, to raise impressive funds for cancer-stricken children through an annual sale campaign featuring an original earring: L’Espoir Leucan. 

November 2019 recipient – Gisèle Bourque 

As Executive Director of ACRGTQ, Mrs. Bourque has been a driving force of the special relationship between her Association and Leucan for more than 18 years. Through her determination, leadership, and love for children, she has mobilized her colleagues, directors, and all members of her Association. Eager to provide the best solutions to her members, she constantly innovates to initiate new and improved fundraising experiences. 

October 2018 recipient – Jacques Auger 

This generous entrepreneur has been a loyal partner of Leucan for more than 15 years. Every year, he and his team host a fun and family-friendly activity, Promenade en camion, where participants can trade a donation to Leucan for a ride aboard one of the company’s trucks. 

August 2018 recipient – Simon Gagné 

As ambassador for Leucan for more than 17 years, Simon Gagné is the founder of a golf tournament bearing his name, which gathers members of his network and the business community in Quebec City every year in support of Leucan. His support and loyalty have not only contributed to raising considerable amounts for the cause but also to extend Leucan’s outreach in the professional hockey community. 

June 2018 recipient – Jean Lacharité 

As patron of the Leucan-CSN Summer Camp fundraising campaign since 2011, Jean has been a strong and efficient advocate for the Association from the very beginning to raise awareness about the Camp, solicit donations, and recruit volunteers. 

June 2018 recipient – André Houle 

After a touching experience with the family of a cancer-stricken child, this golf aficionado decided to get involved with Leucan Estrie in 1996 by organizing a golf tournament still held annually to this day. He also served on the Board and worked with families on several initiatives. 

June 2018 recipient – Stéphane Chevigny 

Already involved in various fundraising activities for Leucan, this member of our Association was the first to sign up for the 40 Giants for Leucan campaign without a moment’s hesitation. Leucan can always count on him! 

June 2018 recipient – Alain Champagne 

Moved by the cause when his goddaughter survived childhood cancer, Alain committed to supporting the cause through our annual benefit event, the Board of Trustees, and as the founding leader of the Leucan Executive Challenge. 

June 2018 recipient – Luc Bisaillon 

Luc Bisaillon is always happy and willing to act as ambassador, honorary president, and committee chair for various major benefit evenings and to leverage his impressive network to ensure their success. He also served on the Board for several years. 

May 2018 recipient – Michel Dallaire 

A loyal ally of Leucan, Mr. Dallaire excels at rallying the Québec City business community around the cause of cancer-stricken children. He used his influence to serve as Honorary President of the Leucan Shaved Head Challenge in Quebec City for several years, and the Association is very grateful for his generous contribution. 

May 2018 recipient – Yvon Charest 

For the past few years, the involvement of this kind-hearted philanthropist in the Leucan Shaved Head Challenge has made a tremendous difference in the success of the campaign. Through his dedication and generosity, Yvon Charest extended Leucan’s outreach significantly in the greater Quebec City area. 

October 2012 recipient – Pat Calabretta 

This member of our Association set an example on how to mobilize one’s network by hosting a number of personalized Shaved Head Challenges and raising incredible amounts for the cause. 

May 2007 recipients – Thierry Vandal & Réal Raymond 

The two men agreed to be honorary co-presidents of Leucan’s Ode to the King gala and to leverage the power of their extensive networks for the cause. 

May 2007 recipient – Lisa Di Marco 

This gold-hearted member of the Board of Trustees tapped into her network to provide the Association with increased visibility. 

October 2005 recipients – Guy Laliberté & André Desmarais 

It is thanks in large part to their involvement as Honorary Co-Presidents that Leucan’s Halloween under the Sun gala was such a tremendous success. 

September 2004 recipient – Anne-Marie LaBerge 

Mrs. Laberge is the lead instigator behind TELUS’ commitment to Leucan over several years via a golf tournament and the donation of plush toys. She truly rallied her network around our cause. 

June 2004 recipient – Serge Tremblay 

Deeply moved by the magnitude of the ordeal cancer-stricken children must endure, this inspiring leader founded the Leucan Shaved Head Challenge and Run for Leucan, and co-founded the Leucan Ski Challenge—now three flagship events for the Association. 

June 2004 recipient – Céline Charbonneau 

A great advocate of the Leucan-CSN Summer Camp, Mrs. Charbonneau is the driving force behind the Leucan-CSN association since 1997. Always willing to lend a hand, she also served on the Board for many years. 

May 2004 recipients – Tracy Bibeau & Odette Savard 

As fervent volunteers in organizing Leucan’s major benefit galas and soliciting guests and sponsors, those two women left an indelible mark on the Association. 

May 2004 recipients – Serge Savard, Dominique Michel, Brian Mulroney, and Michèle Dionne 

This generous group readily agreed to lend their support to Leucan, especially for the very first gala held by the Association: Jardin d’Espoir. 

Prix Jocelyn-Demers

  • The Award Jocelyn-Demers was established in 1999 in tribute to Dr. Jocelyn Demers, pediatric hematologist-oncologist and the co-founder of Leucan in 1978. This prize consists of four scholarships totaling $4,000 awarded once a year as part of Leucan’s Annual General Meeting (AGM), to four young people in order to support them in the pursuit of their studies.
    • Two $2,000 scholarships to two deserving people
    • A scholarship of $1,000 awarded to the Jury’s favorite student (Coup de Coeur du jury)
    • A $1,000 scholarship awarded to a student with a particular academic background

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2020 recipient

Angelica Demers

Angelica was diagnosed with diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma at the age of 13. The Awards Committee was especially taken by the severity of her diagnosis, the side effects of her treatment, the recurrence Angelica suffered, and her determination to earn a doctorate in psychology. Her perseverance and optimism are truly inspiring. That she continued her studies in spite of her illness and its consequences is nothing short of extraordinary. 

Charles Plante

Charles was diagnosed with osteosarcoma in the right femur with metastases at the age of 11. He is now aged 16 and in secondary 4 in high school. The Awards Committee was extremely moved by the physical sequelae and the cognitive and psychological difficulties that Charles faced. His energy, resilience, determination to continue his studies, and ability to rebound and find new things to be passionate about were all great inspirations for the committee. 


See 2015 to 2019 recipients

2019 recipient – Maude Poirier 

Maude was diagnosed with brain tumours at the age of 14. The Awards Committee was particularly moved by the severity of her diagnosis, the chronic pains she suffered, and the fact that she had to cope with recurrence. Her determination, perseverance, optimism, and wonderful sense of humour are deeply inspiring. That she continued her studies in spite of her illness and its consequences is absolutely remarkable. 

2019 recipient – MaëlLajeunesse 

Maël was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia at the age of 11. He is now 17 and studying at Cégep de Jonquière in technical program in television production and post-production. The Awards Committee was quite moved by the social and academic difficulties experienced by Maël as he was going through the sensitive period of teenagerhood. We salute his vitality, determination, originality, resilience, and ability to rebound. 


2015 recipient – Alexandre Nault

This year, out of 18 nominations, the jury unanimously acknowledged the qualities of Alexandre Nault, a member from Leucan Mauricie-et-Centre-du-Québec. Alexandre received $1,000 to support him in his academic pursuits.

Prix Coup de coeur

To acknowledge the commitment of its volunteers, Leucan has created, in 2013, a recognition program which values the contribution of each person to the Association. The provincial prize is awarded annually to highlight the noteworthy and maintained contribution of an individual throughout the years.


2020 recipient – Jean-Yves Girard

A Leucan volunteer for the past 19 years, Jean-Yves is actively engaged in several activities taking place in the Montérégie. A constant and enthusiastic participant, Jean-Yves is a reassuring figure and pillar for member families in the region. Leucan is proud to count on this kind-hearted man among its team of volunteers. 


See 2013 to 2019 recipients

2019 recipient – Denis Chapdelaine 

For over 15 years, Denis has been dedicating evenings and weekends to Leucan, whether it be hosting events, coordinating the work of volunteers, taking part in regional and provincial socio-recreational activities or more. Thanks to his involvement, our Association receives about $10,000 in donations every year. Since the first edition of his benefit dinner in 2004, this activity has raised more than $150,000 for the cause. 

2018 recipient – Claire Beaulieu 

A volunteer for Leucan Laurentides-Lanaudière for more than 5 years, Claire lends a tremendous hand to most of the fundraising events held in the region throughout the year. Her inspiring leadership ensures the success of every project she tackles. In addition to supporting the provincial commemorative ceremony, Claire is also an outstanding resource in the organization and administration of various activities for our bereaved families. Punctual and trustworthy, she often assumes responsibilities that would normally fall to a full-time employee. Always generous with her time, she cares deeply for the well-being of families. Versatile and resourceful, she does not balk at any task, whether it be sourcing and transporting material, making calls, crafting, or supervising teams of volunteers. Claire deserves to be recognized and to receive a warm thank-you worthy of her amazing involvement. 

2017 recipient – Mrs. Carmelle Dion

Along with other parents, members of Leucan, Mrs Carmelle Dion participated in the creation of Leucan Montérégie in 1997. Teacher by profession, she contributed to the development of the Halloween Money Box Campaign in many schools of the Granby-Yamaska region. She always made herself available to explain Leucan’s mission in schools or at sport and corporate events. She also actively participated in the beginning of the Leucan Shaved Head Challenge in her region. Her availability, her commitment and her love for the cause of children with cancer, make her an unparalleled volunteer, so much as a founding member of Leucan Montérégie, than as a volunteer for the fundraising events. In the name of Leucan, we would like to show our appreciation and thank her for 20 years of volunteer action, a source of inspiration for us all.

2016 recipient – Mrs. Andrée Tondreau

Physiotherapist by profession, Andrée is a volunteer at Leucan Région Quebec since 2006. Through her availability and her steady attendance, Andrée became a trusted resource the Association and the families can count on. Mainly active at the hospital playroom and during socio-recreational activities like the respite camps and the Christmas Party, Andrée devotes 200 hours annually to the Leucan families.


2015 recipient – Mr. Jocelyn Laroche

Mr. Jocelyn Laroche, a volunteer for Leucan Montérégie, is the winner of the 2015 award. Over the last ten years, Mr. Laroche has shown an exceptional dedication to the cause, whether he supports the Leucan 12-hour Ski Challenge and the Leucan Shaved Head Challenge, coordinates the Halloween money boxes counting or engages the employees of Agropur. Mr. Laroche’s sensitivity and generosity is a source of inspiration to us all.


2014 recipient – Mr. Jacques Lizotte

Jacques Lizotte has devoted himself to Leucan since 1993. Throughout these 20 years, he has lent support to no fewer than ten Leucan campaigns and activities, whether fundraising or socio-affective activities.

Funny, dedicated, motivated and a motivator, Jacques is willing to take on any task! He is very well liked among the children and adults with whom he is in contact in various activities, and according to the Leucan team in Quebec, he’s the best volunteer an organization could ever hope to count on!


2013 recipient – Caroline Harvey-Blouin

A 25-year old mourning sister, Caroline Harvey-Blouin is involved with children as a nurse in the Heart-filled Hope Support Group, the Leucan-CSN summer camp, and in the medical part of the annual general assembly. Since 2009, she has done over 1000 hours of community services with high levels of dynamism and profesionnalism. Not only does Caroline insures the aid is performed properly towards the children, she also listens and gives them the proper tools that empower them and make sure they trust adults. Her goodwill, sense of duty, enjoyment of life and profesionnalism are all part of what makes her unique.