The Leucan Information Centre is a source of reliable information for childhood cancer patients and their parents. 

Don’t stay alone with your distress! 

For more than 45 years, Leucan has been there for families in Quebec faced with childhood cancer. Founded in 2008, the Leucan Information Centre is there to lead you to accurate information on childhood cancer and its impact that will give you clarity and appease your concerns. 
To find answers to your questions, do not hesitate to reach out to our librarian Patrick Cossette who can guide you through the resources and references available and answer parents’ frequently asked questions. 
You can also visit the Leucan Information Centre website. 

How to Talk to Children about Cancer 

Talking about cancer with children can be a difficult task and a heavy responsibility to bear. You should know that it is actually possible to address the subject with children as young as two years old. But how can you broach the subject in an age-appropriate way? What are the best words and images to use? Are there children’s stories readily available to better illustrate the situation? 

The Leucan Information Centre compiled the best resources on this topic. 

Government Programs and Taxation 

There are several government financial assistance programs available to families coping with childhood cancer. 

The Leucan Information Centre includes links to key government programs. Watch for programs that could apply to you. 


Childhood cancer differs from cancer in adults. Every diagnosis must be addressed specifically, taking into account the causes, forms of cancer, and treatments. Are there identified causes? What are the diagnoses? What treatments are available? 

The Leucan Information Centre compiled the best resources on this topic.

Weather the Storm as a Family 

The Leucan Information Centre can help you to find the best strategies to adapt to your new reality. How to react? Are there family adaptation strategies to prioritize? How to navigate the inevitable roller coaster of emotions? How to preserve one’s energy while maintaining family cohesion? 

You can prepare for the impact of childhood cancer with the help of tools available from the Leucan Information Centre. 

Testimonials: Parents Share their Experience 

Is there a right way to react? Are you asking yourself, “why us?” You are not alone. Every year, hundreds of families across Quebec are faced with the same situation. 

Find inspiration in the stories of families who have found ways to adapt to their new reality. See the testimonials of other families. 

The Leucan Information Centre compiled the best resources on this topic. 

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