Throughout the year, Leucan witnesses the generosity of those who decide to support children with cancer by contributing to the cause.

No matter how you choose to support Leucan, your contribution comforts hundreds of families in Quebec.

I Want to Give Now

Thanks to your gifts, the survival rate has jumped from 15 to 82% in 40 years.

Children need your support. Stand together with the team of Leucan, the medical personnel, and researchers to transform the daily lives of families by giving to Leucan.

Your gift is more powerful than you think!

Planned Gifts and Bequests

Take action that will have a significant impact for cancer-stricken children and will reflect your philanthropic goals and values.

Make a real difference with a planned or legacy gift to Leucan and help families of cancer-stricken children across the province.

Corporate giving

By contributing to Leucan or by associating your company with the cause, your organization becomes a good corporate citizen and helps thousands of members throughout the province of Quebec.

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