Your child was just diagnosed with cancer. This is a brutal and sudden shock for your entire family. You are looking for help, support, and reliable information.

Leucan is there to assist cancer-stricken children and their extended families through this ordeal.

A Leucan Family Agent will reach out to you shortly after your child’s diagnosis to explain the services available to you and guide you through the role played by the team of Leucan and your child’s healthcare team at the hospital.

How to access Leucan’s services?

Following your child’s diagnosis, your healthcare team at the pediatric oncology centre will put you in contact with Leucan.

If your child is treated at another hospital where Leucan is not readily available, we invite you to contact your Leucan regional office to inform us of your new status.

Roles and responsibilities of Leucan’s team and the hospital healthcare team

A healthcare team is made up of various health professionals (physicians, nurses, pharmacists, social workers, psychologists, dietitians, etc.). The team composition will vary from one hospital to the next and depending on each child’s situation. This team can answer many questions and refer you to the right resources, such as Leucan.

Leucan supports your healthcare team by providing complimentary services. Throughout your child’s illness and care journey, the team of Leucan will maintain contact with you. Please do not hesitate to ask questions or talk about any obstacle you face: Leucan is always there to help you.

Everything is different. You see life differently. You see that it’s fragile too. Without research, the survival rate for Jayden’s leukemia wouldn’t be as high.

Sophie Leblanc

Mom of Jayden, 3 years old, acute lymphoblastic leukemia

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