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June 14, 2022

Photo credit : Mikaël Theimer

June 15 marks the 44th anniversary of Leucan and its expert support of cancer-stricken children and their families. To celebrate this anniversary, the Association is proud to announce that Marie-Mai is renewing her mandate as Godmother of Leucan. Indeed, the singer-songwriter agreed to renew her commitment to Leucan for the next three years.

Marie-Mai got involved in the cause in 2017 and became Godmother of Leucan in 2019. The singer sees firsthand the positive impact of Leucan on clinical research in childhood cancer and the importance of the services the Association provides.

« From the moment I got involved with Leucan, I could see for myself the crucial work of both employees and volunteers who have been supporting cancer-stricken children for 44 years now. I also know just how much of a difference the Association makes in the daily lives of families. It’s truly an honour for me to continue to support Leucan and its mission » Marie-Mai
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