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April 02, 2024

On April 7, nearly 50 participants will set off for Morocco to climb Mount Toubkal and the Erg Chebbi dune in support of children with cancer, as part of the Leucan Expedition in Morocco, powered by Chlorophylle, in collaboration with soNomad. This 12-day adventure is a real double physical challenge that will take participants on an expedition marked by solidarity, benevolence and human encounters.

To surpass oneself, to give back to the cause, to be part of a supportive community, to honor the memory of a loved one: each participant has their own reasons for participating.

Anne, diagnosed with cancer at the age of 15

At the age of 15, Anne was diagnosed with papillary thyroid cancer. Just under a year later, she was diagnosed with a second cancer, Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Leucan has been part of her life ever since.

This year, she celebrates a very significant milestone: the 15th anniversary of the end of her treatment. How can we celebrate this great achievement? On April 7, Anne will fly to Morocco for a great adventure: the Leucan Expedition. She will live this moment surrounded by the kindness of the other participants, who all have one thing at heart: supporting children with cancer.

“Leucan was of course a tremendous support to me, but especially to my mother. I was completely powerless in front of her, who was so present for me. I was happy to know that Leucan was there. That she had someone to protect her and help her through all this too. Leucan remained just as present after the illness. Recovering from cancer is a strange feeling; you’re cured, but it continues to live inside you, with all the fears that follow. Leucan’s presence for the aftermath made a big difference. We never felt let down.”  

15 years since announcing her remission, Anne felt it was the right time to get involved and give back to the cause. With her love of the mountains written into her DNA, this great challenge was an obvious choice for her. Her goal? To raise $10,860, an amount equivalent to $2 a day since the announcement of her remission, a goal she achieved with flying colours.

“Giving back to Leucan was always on my mind. But once I was cured, I just wanted to move on; go to CEGEP, live my life as a young adult. I wanted people to see me for who I was, rather than what I’d been through. I’m now proud to have gone through all that, and the Leucan Expedition in Morocco came at just the right time, with all that I’ve been through, as well as coinciding with such an important date. This major challenge is a real opportunity for me to surpass myself while supporting a cause that is so close to my heart.”

Dany, a committed volunteer for over 16 years

A volunteer with Leucan for 16 years now, Dany is continuing his commitment to children with cancer, this time by taking on a new challenge: the Leucan Expedition in Morocco.

From fundraising to social and recreational activities, Dany is involved with the Association in all kinds of ways, with the aim of giving back. What’s his favorite part? Being present to offer these moments of happiness and distraction to young cancer patients.

“I’ve had the chance and privilege to experience nature activities with Leucan’s young members for 16 years now. These are very meaningful moments for them. They can be themselves and regain some semblance of normal teenage life. I believe that these activities and our contribution mark their lives as much as they mark ours. Exchanging with them is so enriching for me. “

An avid traveler and outdoor enthusiast, the Leucan Expedition in Morocco immediately caught his attention. For him, it’s a way of continuing to support children through one of his passions.

“The Expedition is both a challenge and a very human journey. We’re contributing to something great. Everyone who takes part has a good reason to do so, whether it’s their experience with the disease or out of support. It’s going to be a great life experience.”

Maude, soNomad employee

“I believe that individual actions also make a big difference, and I wanted to contribute in my own way. Now it’s my turn to make a difference by giving my 100%!”

Supported by her employer soNomad, the official travel insurance for the Leucan Expedition, Maude decided to take her commitment a step further and immerse herself completely in the adventure.

In less than a month, she’ll be climbing Mount Toubkal and the Erg Chebbi dune in Morocco, in support of children with cancer.

“It’s a challenge that will test my physical and mental capabilities, but it’s also a challenge that brings people together. Through my fundraising for Leucan, I’ve been able to feel the support of my community and the generosity of my family, friends and colleagues.”

TC-TGC, a group of supportive participants

This team of nine committed participants will climb Mount Toubkal in April, with a special thought for young Mélodie, now in remission from a rare type of leukemia, and Anaëlle, who will be completing her treatments during the Expedition.

Together, they are committed to living this adventure for their loved ones who have experienced the whirlwind of emotions that is a child’s cancer diagnosis. By mobilizing their community and with the help of Mélodie and her cousin Olivier, both aged 11 and 12, they raised over $30,000 for the Leucan Expedition in Morocco, powered by Chlorophylle.

“My niece Mélodie was diagnosed with a very rare type of leukemia at the age of 2. Through her illness, we saw the importance of Leucan’s services. Whether through financial assistance or psychological support, Leucan has been at our family’s side during and after. The money we raised will make a difference, even in the prognosis of rare cancers like Mélodie, by helping to fund research,” says Marie-Pierre, a participant in Expedition Leucan 2024.

Although they are all aware that this adventure will challenge them physically and mentally, the team feels ready.

“There may be difficult days on the mountain, but it’s a challenge to surpass ourselves and we’re together to support each other. We’ve made the choice to be part of this challenge, whereas children diagnosed with cancer don’t have that choice: they get through the tougher days and keep going. That’s what we’ll keep in mind when it gets tougher.”

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