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February 07, 2024

Leucan is pleased to partner with the career counselling firm BrissonLegris to expand its financial assistance program for post-treatment sequelae. Thanks to this partnership, individual support services provided by career counsellors will be available to our young members diagnosed with pediatric cancer.

BrissonLegris, a consulting firm specializing in career assessment and coaching, provides support to Leucan’s members to help them realize their full potential and make the right choices in their professional lives. Their team of career counsellors has expertise in working with both young people and clients with physical, cognitive and psychological limitations.

The Financial Assistance Program for Post-treatment Sequelae

Leucan offers a financial assistance program for post-treatment sequelae to its members who have been diagnosed with pediatric cancer and are suffering from sequelae of the disease or its treatment, up to 20 years after the end of treatment. This program provides assistance for physical, psychological or educational adaptation and orientation needs.

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