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April 13, 2023

In a demonstration of community engagement, Canfornav doubled the donations raised by its employees in the Leucan Ski Challenge, presented by Fenplast and Desjardins, for a second consecutive year. 

Based in Montreal, the major shipping company was heavily involved in the Leucan Ski Challenge held at Bromont, montagne d’expériences. In addition to forming a team to take part in the Leucan Ski Challenge, two employees, Joerg Plate and Chris Hagn, became ambassadors for the event to promote the cause and encourage community participation.   

Thanks to the commitment and generosity of Canfornav and its employees, the team raised an impressive amount of $43,246, a sum that helped the event set a new record for donations in 2023, over $1,400,000. Thanks to Canfornav and its team, an amount of $86,492 was given to Leucan.

We would like to thank Canfornav and all its staff members for their dedication to our cause. Their contribution will allow Leucan to continue its work and offer hope and support to children with cancer and their families. 

Several possibilities are available to companies that want to contribute to Leucan’s cause. Learn more by clicking here. 

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