About Leucan’s services

Welcome at the hospital

Julie [Leucan adviser] and the oncologists are all so warm and act like they are Vincent’s parents. They are that close to him. Everybody talks to Vincent like he’s part of the family and not with the professional distance of specialists. They’re like little moms and dads for Vincent. Every time a physician speaks to us, it’s to share words of assistance. It’s like a little family. At the hospital, we can unwind among people who are just like us. Whenever we’re there, it truly feels like we’re in our own little world.

Emotional support and assistance

Every family has unique needs, and Leucan will bring moments of joy that are specific to each of them. The people of Leucan always take the time to ask how things are going: “How are you?”; “Do you need something?”; “Can we get you anything as a treat?” Leucan also gives us the chance to come together around activities. It does a world of good. Leucan seeks to figure out the needs of all families to give them what they need to be happy—not to “work towards happiness”, but to actually be well, to feel better.

Socio-recreational activities

I enjoy chatting with people going through the same things as me; I can talk about treatments, about Vincent’s scan, and all of that. I’m happy when a Leucan dad inquires about Vincent!

What’s really fun about is that siblings are also invited. When Vincent started getting sick, his sisters sought to escape illness. But in Bromont [over a respite weekend], my three children were with me. We really had the chance to reconnect.

Investment in research

People used to die of leukemia. Today, I see many children diagnosed with it and yet they are still alive. Research is awesome! Because Ewing’s sarcoma is not as common, cases from something like 200 hospitals across the world are compiled for studies. I encourage that. Six months ago, thanks to research, they’ve come up with Vincent’s current treatment protocol. Had he gotten sick two years ago, his treatment would be completely different. Research is extremely crucial.

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