Caroline Simard and Nelson Picard

Parents of Willem, 10 years old, brain tumour

Leucan reminded us that we were not alone and that people were there to help us navigate through this new reality and to listen to us.

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Annie Dubeau and Charlie Provost

Charlie, 7 years old, acute lymphoblastic leukemia

What saved us was the staff of Leucan entering our room

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Audrey Cadrin

Mom of Miriam, 3 years old

The financial assistance provided by Leucan was of great help to us because we never planned for accommodation, parking and gas fees.

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Dominique Labrecque

Mom of Étienne, 15 years old, Hodgkin’s lymphoma

Leucan feels like a second family to me. The feeling is that strong.

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Nancy Cholette

Mom of Vincent, 16 years old, Ewing’s sarcoma

I had to be strong. I have a lot of energy to take care of Vincent, but not a lot for anything else. When it comes to Vincent, I'm a mom who goes full blast.

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Annie Carrier

Mom of Nolan, 5 years old, Wilms’ tumour

I didn’t know where to turn with this excess of emotions, but she was there

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Rose-Flore Saintus

Mom of Maritsa, 9 years old, acute lymphoblastic leukemia

There’s a disbelief. It always comes when you least expect it.

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