Central 12-17: a source of energy and well-being.

Dedicated to young cancer patients aged 12 to 17 and their siblings, The Central serves as both a barrier to dark thoughts and a generator of peace and light. Its resources enable teens to follow the flot or refuel, charge their batteries, keep up to date and find what drives them… Care, listening, friends, motivation: everything that can positively impact them can be found there.

Individual psychosocial support

Teams of experts are there to offer active listening, at all times during and after the illness, both in hospital and at home. This personalized emotional support makes you feel heard, comforted and secure in the face of the unknown, the unexpected and the stress generated by illness.

Seasonal camps

This Leucan service aims to break the isolation that can accompany pediatric cancer by encouraging exchanges and sharing. Teenagers are invited to take part in outdoor weekends in autumn and winter.

These activities enable them to get together with their peers and have fun, despite the presence of illness in their lives. During outings and events, the group is supervised by qualified medical staff and monitors who are familiar with the day-to-day reality of cancer.

Central 12-17 Expedition

Every summer, the Expedition gives 14 young Leucan members, aged 12 to 17, the opportunity to live an extraordinary outdoor experience. Over 4 days of adventure, these young people will have the opportunity to meet other young people who share a similar experience, have fun and discover their inner strengths!

Thanks to an experienced team of volunteers, we are able to offer tailored support. An experienced medical team is also on hand at all times. The expedition is inclusive and equipped to welcome young people with physical limitations.

Art therapy

Leucan and the Fondation québécoise du cancer are pleased to offer free art therapy workshops for children and teens with cancer and their siblings. These art therapy groups will help participants better understand their emotions, offer a new perspective on themselves, and develop their creativity.

Writing workshops

Offered in collaboration with La Bonne Mine, participants aged 12 to 17 are invited to take part in a series of writing workshops followed by personalized meetings.

Self-esteem Project

This project aims to provide teenagers with additional support related to self-esteem. Self-esteem seems to be acquired through self-actualization, which can take on a wide variety of aspects. We invite all young people aged 14 to 18 who have been diagnosed with cancer or a recurrence of cancer in the last 3 years to submit a simple or large-scale project that is close to their hearts!

Hair Alternative Program

For children and teenagers, experiencing such a change in their body image can have an effect on self-esteem and confidence. To help young patients feel comfortable with their appearance, Leucan offers a program of hair alternatives adapted and personalized to each individual’s needs.

How to access this service? 

Activities hosted by The Central 12-17 are free of charge. As soon as a child member or one of their siblings turn twelve, they can starts receiving invitations via email or newsletter.

For any questions about The Central 12-17, please contact our team!

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