This project aims to provide adolescents with additional support related to self-esteem. Self-esteem seems to be acquired through self-actualization, which can take on a wide variety of aspects.

We invite all teenagers between the ages of 14 and 18 who have been diagnosed with cancer or a recurrence in the last 3 years, to present a simple or even a large-scale project that is close to their hearts!

If the project submitted meets the criteria of the program, Leucan will then be able to offer an amount of money that can be used to carry out their project. We offer several different suggestions of  categories in order to offer a certain framework to the teenagers. We believe that in offering these teenagers the opportunity to accomplish and discover themselves in their own field of interest, their self-esteem will be positively affected.

What kind of projects are we looking for?

A project, on a smaller or larger scale, displaying your creativity and your interests. The most important is that your project helps you accomplish something that you would be proud of and makes you move forward as an individual.

To shed more light on the kind of project that can be proposed, here are some examples:

  • Artistic project: learning a musical instrument or a visual art technique, a photography project, the creation of an artwork, etc.
  • Sports project: Participation in a sport team or individual sports team, dance lessons, etc.
  • Well-being project: Individual photo shoot, make-up class, “metamorphosis” session, etc.
  • Various projects: leadership, entrepreneurship, fundraising, cooking classes, empowerment, etc.

Unfortunately, some projects, such as a medical or surgical intervention of a cosmetic nature, a meeting with public figures, a trip or the purchase of a game console will not be approved.

Important information to know:

  • The deadline to submit your project is November 30, 2023
  • You must be between 14 and 18 years old and have been diagnosed with cancer or a recurrence within the last 3 years.
  • The project must be related to self-esteem.
  • A participant who has already completed a project cannot apply again.
  • Once the committee has reviewed all the projects submitted, Leucan will contact you to explain the next steps.
  • An amount will be given to you to finance your project.
  • If the number of projects is too high, Leucan reserves the right to draw randomly from among the participants.
  • There will be a virtual group meeting to present everyone’s paths and achievements in automn 2024.

The project submission period is now closed. Thank you for your participation!

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