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September 08, 2021

For the eighth consecutive year, Mia is partnering up with Leucan to sell the Earrings of Hope to the benefit of the Association. Quantities are limited; 8,000 pairs will be sold and for each, $20 will go to Leucan.

Ambassadors proud to take action for the cause

Inspiring and talented women are in the spotlight to make Leucan’s Earrings of Hope shine. Leucan is pleased to announce the return of many ambassadors and welcomes its new allies.

Many thanks to Abeille Gélinas, DJ and host; Eve Salvail, DJ and model; Frédérique Guay, host; Julie Houle, host; Katerine Savard, Olympic swimmer; Marianne St-Gelais, Olympic speed skater and speaker; Marie-Christine Leblanc, host and author; and Marie-Ève Janvier, singer and host, for their loyalty.

Thanks also to Lydia Bouchard, designer, director and choreographer; Marie-Christine Proulx, host; Naadei Lyonnais, model, singer-songwriter and host and Varda Étienne, host, writer and businesswoman, for joining Leucan’s big family this year.

Two young girls with cancer as spokespersons of Leucan’s Earrings of Hope

Melody, 2, suffering from Wilms tumor, and Laurie, 16, diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma, are the courageous spokesperson of Leucan’s Earrings of Hope this year.

Leucan is present at 100% in this harsh ordeal. The support it offers is like a crutch, it allows you to breathe a little.Marie-Ève Turgeon, Mélodie's mother

New edition, new design

For its 8th edition, Mia endeavoured to create an elegant, modern and delicate earring. The adult size, $30 plus tax, is available in gold, silver, rose gold or black; the child size, sold $25 plus tax, is available in gold, silver or rose gold. For each pair sold, $20 goes to Leucan.

The sale of the Earrings of Hope will allow the Association to raise $160,000 for children with cancer and their families. They are available online and in Mia kiosks.


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