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January 09, 2018

Leucan wishes to underline the outstanding dedication of the St-Hubert Foundation towards families of children with cancer. For its first year partnering with Leucan, the St-Hubert Foundation is already making a second major donation. The Foundation had already given $30,000 to Leucan through the Défi Sourires challenge of the youth television series Jenny. And now, the St-Hubert Foundation will give a second donation of $25 000 to Leucan’s emergency fund to families and more specifically to its emergency food bank.

This support allows the Association to help member families going through a difficult financial situation caused by the illness, by bringing them grocery gift cards. The financial needs of families of children with cancer are various. Many additional fees add up to the normal expenses. The families need financial help and a donation like the one from the St-Hubert Foundation is extremely appreciated by them. In the name of all the Leucan families, thank you!

Leucan is very grateful for this association with the St-Hubert Foundation and thanks the Foundation from the bottom of its heart for such generosity.

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