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September 25, 2017

Leucan wishes to highlight the exceptional commitment of an invaluable partner, PROXIM, the largest group of independent owner-pharmacists in Quebec. Just as Leucan takes care of families with a child diagnosed with cancer, PROXIM is there every day to serve the public. Its values of service, excellence, and proximity make PROXIM a natural partner for Leucan.

Generosity across the board

PROXIM is involved in Leucan at various levels. First, as presenting sponsor of the Leucan Ski Challenge from 2013 to 2016, and now as presenting sponsor of the Leucan Shaved Head Challenge since 2016, PROXIM has been demonstrating its deep commitment to the cause for a good number of years now. In addition, several employees and pharmacists, together with PROXIM CEO Alain Arel, took on the Leucan Shaved Head Challenge, a symbolic gesture of solidarity, which has not gone unnoticed by cancer-stricken children. Some even got their heads shaved on TV during the live broadcasts of Entrée Principale and Les Échangistes to further raise awareness around the cause.

PROXIM also got involved in September 2016 as part of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month by selling gold ribbons, the emblem of this special month, in its stores. Moreover, this year, the CEO of McKesson Canada, Domenic Pilla, will be co-chairing The Leucan Experience, the benefit evening of the Association.

Since the beginning of this wonderful partnership, PROXIM has donated more than half a million of dollars to Leucan, but this exceptional commitment goes way beyond a financial contribution. Though it is a significant monetary contribution, it is through personal involvement that members of PROXIM inspire others to give. Employees, pharmacists, and members of senior management get proudly involved in the cause, knowing that we all need to act together to make a difference.


Leucan is privileged to rely on a kind-hearted partner like PROXIM. THANK YOU!

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