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February 12, 2015

Leucan is taking the opportunity of the International Childhood Cancer Awareness Day, this Sunday, February 15, to address the often difficult reality of young cancer survivors.

In the province of Quebec, approximately one family is affected by a childhood cancer diagnosis every day. Thanks notably to Leucan, the main funder of clinical research in pediatric oncology, the survival rate for all childhood cancers has jumped from 15% to 82%. However, treatments are more invasive and can cause serious and often permanent side effects, which means that several Leucan young members must live with sequelae after their treatments.

In the same breath, Leucan strives to be there to contribute to small victories and support cancer-stricken children in their daily lives both during and post treatments. Nevertheless, the needs of youths suffering sequelae continue to grow. For this reason, Leucan requires the public’s support to ensure a greater presence in this sector and provide those children with adequate services.

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