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February 09, 2015

Leucan is proud to launch a new application as part of the Leucan 12-Hour Ski Challenge, presented by Proxim. The Facebook application, Leucan—Encouragez un participant, allows the participants to accumulate points in order to reach the gold medal.

There is several ways for participants to accumulate points. It is possible to get:

  • 1 point each time they invite a Facebook friend to vote for them.
  • 1 point when a person votes for the participant.
  • 1 point each time a person share the application’s participant profile.

The more participants solicit their relatives, the more points they’ll get. Leucan will give away $300 in Proxim gift cards to the top three participants with the most points.

At each stage of the process, donors can easily make a secure online donation. Leucan will draw $200 in Proxim gift cards among all those who’ll have donated via the application. Enter the following promo code to be eligible: PROXIM. 

Ready? Set? Vote and share!

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