The diagnosis

She was sick, she was running a fever. She couldn’t walk. Her ankles were swollen. I took her to the hospital, but I was far from expecting this news. They ran a bunch of tests, and it’s only later that night that I was told she had cancer. The worst part was to be told there was an upside to this bad news: no transplant would be required, and she had a type of leukemia that responded the best to treatments. In October 2016 however, following two relapses while in treatment, she underwent a transplant, and that’s when it dawned on me that it would not be as easy as I once thought. When she relapses… every time, there’s a disbelief. It always comes when you least expect it.

About the services

Welcome at the hospital

We met Leucan on the very week of diagnosis. Like cancer about which I knew nothing, I didn’t know that Leucan existed. The team of Leucan reached out to us. At the hospital. I was asked to complete a form, and since that day, Leucan has been there for us.

Financial Assistance to Families

We received an initial grant of $250 and then a monthly allowance of $96. It’s nice. Leucan also sends grocery and other gift cards from time to time.

Socio-recreational Activities

We often receive invitations to activities hosted by Leucan. Take Maritsa who, at the age of four and five, did not attend school. Yes, there’s the possibility of home schooling, but it’s not the same. At school, there are outings and activities. But Maritsa was not in school then. At that age, it’s so important to have friends, and all the more when you’re an only child. So, she often takes part in the various outings and events organized by Leucan.

We attended two respite weekends in Bromont. It was extraordinary. I also went on a hike with other mothers. I met new people and just talked. It felt like being among women I had known for a long time because I was very comfortable sharing so many things. We had so many things to say. We could engage in conversation with individuals we met for the first time because we were going through the exact same situation.

Massage Therapy

We love the massages, Maritsa and me. When we’re at the hospital, we often find ourselves in uncomfortable positions. When I tell the massage therapist, she asks questions to determine where it hurts the most. I love it! Even at home, it gives me a sense of relaxation. It helps me to sleep. It’s hard to explain the good it does.

What your donations mean for Leucan and for families

In my opinion, true generosity is the act of giving to strangers. These are people that I might never meet.

But those people think about us. We don’t know who they are, yet they are in our thoughts.

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