About Leucan’s services

Emotional support and assistance

It went super well with Anne-Marie [Leucan adviser]; it was reassuring. Actually, even prior to meeting Anne-Marie, we saw Patrick, who is associated with Leucan, and a massage therapist in the waiting room at the CHUS. We also saw Anne-Marie making a round in the waiting room to talk with parents who already entered the process. The end result was that I told Étienne a new family was about to enter his life. That’s truly how I felt. Leucan feels like a second family to me. The feeling is that strong.

Socio-recreational activities

It gives us a chance to create bonds. I remember in the beginning, this little girl told me she was in need of a blood transfusion and I wondered how she would know that. She told me she simply felt it. To be able to talk with others and ask questions helped me to be on the look-out for signs in Étienne so that I could make sure that he was OK. I recall meeting with this one mom and telling her, “I’m already looking for ways to pay it forward. Maybe I could babysit for you one weekend to give you a break.”

Investment in research

There are more children who survive cancer nowadays, so yes, research is important. It’s also crucial in finding the right dosage and developing medication that will cause less side-effects post cancer. Throughout the chemotherapy, I couldn’t help but think we were feeding him poison. Yes, it would cure him, but the drugs could also damage healthy organs. So maybe research could eliminate that bad side-effect.

How do Dominique and Étienne give back to Leucan

The Leucan Shaved Head Challenge

Étienne had already taken on the Leucan Shaved Head Challenge when he was in 6th grade. I know that I will do it someday, too. I’ve been wanting to take on the Challenge for years, since before Étienne got cancer. I think it’s such a valiant act.

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