Leucan is available at all pediatric oncology centres in Quebec and at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO) to meet families shortly after the diagnosis and introduce them to the support services available. 

During this initial meeting, a Leucan Advisor will: 

  • Direct you toward the resources you need at the hospital, in the surrounding area, and upon your return at home 
  • Confirm your most urgent needs 
  • Inform you on the services and activities available at the hospital, such as child-minding, lunches, coffee club, and more (availabilities vary by location). 
  • Hand over the welcome kit containing all the information about Leucan’s services, items tailored to your child’s need (including a plush blanket, a toy, shirts for treatments, and a thermometer), a notebook for parents, a bandana, and a book to explain cancer to your child’s siblings. 

How to access this service? 

As soon as Leucan is informed of the new diagnosis, an advisor will reach out to the family while the child is hospitalized. If the family has already left the hospital, the advisor will attempt to get in touch at the next hospital visit. If you have not been welcomed by a Leucan Advisor within a few days following the diagnosis, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

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