Leucan’s assistance and emotional support services are available throughout your child’s cancer journey, both at the hospital and at home. 

Leucan’s team of experts guides and supports families at the pediatric oncology centres across the province, from Leucan’s regional offices, and even at home by providing them with tailored proximity services. 

This personalized support helps families to adapt to their new reality. Advisers also lend an attentive ear when parents need to talk and feel comforted about the stress, the unknown, and the unexpected that go hand in hand with a cancer diagnosis. 

Your Leucan Adviser: 

  • Will suggest various services available from Leucan depending on your needs or the stage of your child’s illness. 
  • Will listen actively to the needs of every member of the family and offer an individualized support throughout cancer and its effects. 

How to access this service? 

A Leucan Adviser will contact you within days following the diagnosis. Throughout your child’s illness and treatments, Leucan will be attentive to your needs, whether it be during hospitals stays, at the outpatient clinic, or simply to check up on you from time to time. You may also reach out to your Leucan Adviser at any time. 

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