May 2024 – Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean  

Community Race (1 to 100 km)

15 years of running for the cause 

Founded by avid runner Dave McMullen with the support of Richard Courchesne, the Ultramarathon, now strongly associated with the region, will be enthusiastically celebrating its 15th year.  Over the years, the dedicated members of the organizing committee (including Dave McMullen, Dave Bard, Pascal Morin, Guillaume Charest and Donald Dubois) have moved the project forward, never letting up in their commitment to the success and development of this outstanding sporting event.

For participants, it’s a unique personal achievement that brings an outstanding sense of accomplishment. But mostly it’s an act of solidarity with cancer-stricken children and their families.

Participants raise funds from the time they register up to race day.

For this category, local communities—residents and businesses—are invited to come together for the cause and walk or run from 1 to 100 km. To make your entry a success, consider involving various participants from the community, such as local daycares, businesses, parks, etc. Your initiative will be led by one or more community leaders, accompanied by the Leucan team. This helps to ensure effective coordination and a successful outcome for the event, reinforcing its positive impact. Form a team in your area or join one that’s already been created!

  • Race date: May
  • Location: Join a local race or create one in your area
  • Distance: 1 to 100 km
  • Minimum donation collection per person: $300
About the Château d’eau d’Alma team

A neighborhood rallies for Leucan

May 25 and 26 will mark the second year the “Château d’eau” team comes together for the Community Race category of the Leucan Ultramarathon. This challenging sporting event is about pushing oneself while collecting funds for Leucan.

A 3 km and 5 km loop will be set up in the neighbourhood, and participants will run it several times over a 32-hour period. Each racer will set their own distance objective for the weekend, based on their personal capabilities.

Course map to come

You can participate in the challenge by running, walking or a combination of both! A lively neighbourhood party will accompany the event. There’ll be music, entertainment, inflatable games, food stall, bar and many other surprises!

Program of activities to come

Your support is essential to our “Château d’eau” Alma team and to the Leucan Ultramarathon as a whole. By getting involved, you will be directly supporting children with cancer and their families. Whether you participate as a runner, walker, volunteer or donor, every gesture counts and makes a real difference. Join us on this wonderful journey of solidarity and mutual support!

Become a partner

Is your company or organization interested in partnering with our event? Partners benefit from increased visibility in the local community and help make this event a success. Contact us today to discuss available partnership opportunities and how they can benefit you.

Become a volunteer

Like to get involved in the event as a volunteer? Your contribution would be invaluable in ensuring the Leucan Ultramarathon runs smoothly. You could help with logistics, welcoming participants, managing activities and more. Every volunteer plays a key role. Join our team of volunteers now. Contact us to learn more about the different opportunities available.

How does it work?

When you register, you’ll receive a link to a personalized donation platform where you can enter your chosen distance and the details of your race. From here you can also collect donations, track your fundraiser thermometer and send tax receipts in real time to your donors. The platform is very user-friendly. Simply share the personalized link with family, friends and on social media to seek their encouragement in reaching your goal.

In the weeks following your registration, Leucan will send you a link to a support kit. Just like any important event, a certain amount of preparation is needed to ensure everything goes according to plan. Leucan has prepared a guide with useful tips to help you reach your goal.

Become an ambassador or partner

Make a commitment to the cause!

Want to do more than just participate? Become an Ultramarathon ambassador or partner!

Josiane Cloutier will be happy to answer any questions you may have, or give you tips on how to improve your fundraising campaign.

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