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September 28, 2018

Leucan is proud to announce the engagement of Mrs. Nathalie Larue, Strategy, Marketing and Personal Services, Executive Division, Desjardins Group, as part of the 40 Giants for Leucan campaign.

As a new Giant, Mrs. Larue commits to donate $40,000 to allow the Association to carry its mission even further.

The funds raised as part of this major campaign will will serve to consolidate and increase funding for clinical research and to improve the support available to survivors coping with sequelae.

‘’In the face of adversity, I’m impressed by the resilience of children and moved deeply by the courage of parents. I have the great privilege to have a healthy child, and it’s important to me to add my voice to the Giants and support Leucan’s mission. I have been in close contact with cancer patients over the years and came away stronger, galvanized, and inspired by their ability to draw on phenomenal resources within themselves. But as strong as they are, those individuals, children, and parents need the support of organizations like Leucan to come through this ordeal and regain as normal a life as possible to flourish.’’ explains Mrs. Larue.

To be part of the 40 Giants for Leucan campaign is to make a concrete gesture at the right time.

Visit to learn more about the campaign and know the reasons why 15 Giants have committed to this campaign until now.

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