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October 18, 2023

Leucan and Metatuq create the “Mets don ta tuque” campaign. 

Metatuq has designed 4 tuque models exclusively for the Association and is committed to donate all profits from the sale to Leucan, which represents $15 for each hat sold. The money raised will enable Leucan to offer cancer-stricken children and their family, moments of comfort and respite. You can purchase the tuques directly from Metatuq’s online boutique. 

A heartwarming partnership 

Metatuq offers a 100% made-in-Quebec multi-purpose 4-in-1 no-fold tuque concept: a tuque, a quilt-hole tuque, a headband and a neck warmer. For the Quebec-based company, a collaboration with Leucan goes far beyond the design of elegant hats; it represents a deep commitment to the cause while making a difference in the lives of children with cancer and their family.

Wearing Metatuq means being part of a larger movement. It means being aware of the impact of your choices. It’s about wanting to improve yourself as a person, while contributing to a better society. So it was only natural to support Leucan, an Association that helps to support and comfort these little warriors.Naïma Viens, owner of Metatuq.

Leucan and Metatuq are inviting Quebecers to join the movement by buying these handmade tuques to show their solidarity with children affected by cancer. 

A grateful young ambassador 

Isabella, aged 12, was diagnosed with disgerminoma of the left ovary (germ cell and reproductive system tumors) in February 2023. Still undergoing treatment today, the young teen has agreed to be an ambassador for the campaign. Isabella expresses her gratitude to Leucan and her joy at being able to contribute to an initiative that will support other children with cancer like her. 

As we go through this ordeal, we don’t always realize the comfort that gestures of solidarity, large or small, can bring. Between treatments and illness, we sometimes forget life’s little pleasures. Companies like Metatuq and their customers are making a real difference by supporting Leucan’s mission. It’s much more than a tuque, it’s a gesture of warmth and solidarity towards me and my family.Isabelle, young ambassador for Leucan.

Leucan would like to thank Metatuq for this heartwarming initiative and invites the public to purchase one of the 4 models designed for children with cancer and their families. The tuques are available on the Metatuq online boutique.

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