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January 10, 2018

Leucan is happy to be able to count on the constant generosity of the Confédération des syndicats nationaux (CSN). For its 21st year of commitment to Leucan, many people got involved and mobilized to collect $160,000.

The CSN collects donations in many different ways: fundraising within the affiliated unions, a big provincial raffle, golf tournaments, payroll deduction, sale of works of art, sugar shack, shaved beards, and other activities.

The money raised helps finance the Leucan-CSN Summer Camp. Founded in 1985, the camp was later renamed Leucan-CSN Summer Camp in 2001, because of the partnership established with the CSN. Many unionized employees also volunteer at the camp during the summer, taking a one week of leave at their own expense.

For the Leucan families, this camp is an opportunity to enjoy real vacation time and to forget the sickness for a moment. It’s adapted to their reality and their needs with a medical team present on site during the entire length of the camp. The team can administer treatments and cancer care to children in need.

Leucan is very happy to be able to count on the presence, engagement and solidarity of the CSN for so many years now. Its members are part of the big canvas of solidarity Leucan weaves around its members.

On behalf of all the families who appreciated respite at the camp, thank you!

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