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June 19, 2018

Leucan wishes to express its sincerest gratitude to Koa Care Camps for its gift of $13,000. This major contribution makes it possible for the Association to fund the Leucan-CSN Summer Camp in part.

We also want to thank Mrs. Nicole Berthiaume, a Laval resident, for taking the initiative to organize various fundraisers benefiting Leucan at Camping Koa in Bromont-Granby. Finally, special thanks go to owner Mario Poulin. Thanks to his participation, Koa Care Camps more than doubled the amount raised by Mrs. Berthiaume.

In 1984, owners of KOA Campground came together to create the KOA Care Camps Fund, which gives cancer-stricken children the chance to attend a specialized summer camp tailored to their condition in North America. For two years now, Koa Care Camps has been providing funding to the Leucan-CSN Summer Camp—the only summer camp in Quebec dedicated to cancer-stricken children and their families. Leucan thanks them for their kind contribution!

About the Leucan-CSN Summer Camp

Every summer, the Camp welcomes nearly 60 families over each week of its two-week duration. Established in 1985, the Camp gives member families of Leucan the opportunity to enjoy a real vacation and forget about cancer for a while, thanks to a location and activities tailored to their reality and needs. A medical team is available on site to administer treatment and cancer care to children who need it.


Picture: Mathias Gomez-Tyo, Camp Leader, and Mrs. Berthiaume.
Photo credit: Jessica Berthiaume

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