Clinical Research: A Core Priority

Year after year, your donations, your fundraising activities, and your commitment to Leucan make it possible for us to invest in clinical research to fight cancer and improve treatments. Thanks to clinical research funded by your gifts, children can access to the best cancer treatments in the world with fewer side effects and a lower risk of sequelae. It’s important to remember that 70% of childhood cancer survivors will develop sequelae, and that in 30% of those cases, the sequela will be severe.

With your support, Leucan has invested close to $20 million in clinical research since its foundation, making the Association the main funder of this type of research in Quebec. Today, 82% of children diagnosed with cancer can hope to grow and survive their diagnosis. This positive outcome is only possible thanks to your unfailing support.

Research is so significant for us. Laurent’s diagnosis is very rare. Researchers have few cases they can study. Though there is a basic treatment protocol in place for Laurent, should he ever suffer a recurrence, it will be important to have access to alternative medications. Research is truly critical in our case.

Julie, mom of Laurent, 20 months

Diagnosed with neuroblastoma, 18-month treatment

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