Warm Comfort for the Whole Family

To relieve the pain arising from treatment in children and the huge stress felt by other members of the family, Leucan makes massage therapy services available at the hospital and at home. In addition to reducing pain and stress, massages improve immune functions in affected children. Children undergoing treatments are also subject to frequent travels, medical examinations, and repeated injections. With massages administered by Leucan’s team of massage therapists trained in pediatric oncology, children can continue to live and relearn to associate touch with positive emotions. With your support, Leucan can be attentive to the physical and emotional needs expressed by children and families, a crucial step in supporting families and see them safely through treatments.

Our Purpose: Ensure the Well-being of Families at Every Stage

When the worst comes to pass, your commitment to Leucan provides bereaved families with the psychological support they need to grieve and to continue with their lives. Your gifts fund activities where they can build relationships with other families faced with this unthinkable loss.

The massage therapist is excellent—for my husband, for me, and even for my girls.There’s a soft way about her. She introduces the massage like a game. She does a great job. Zoë is not someone who accepts people easily. You know, normally, it takes a long time to gain her trust. But with this massage therapist, it took only one session and she was able to give Zoë a massage.

Sarah-Ève, mom of Zoë, 3 years old.

Diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia

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