Socio-recreational activities

Upon their return home, families tend to isolate themselves and limit outings to avoid any contact with viruses, which could harm their child’s weakened immune system.

To reduce this isolation and to take into account the new reality of families, Leucan organizes safe and supervised socio-recreational activities tailored to families’ needs.

Those activities are also a great way for families and children of the same age group from a specific region to meet, connect, share their experiences, and find comfort and support with people coping with a similar situation.

All activities held by Leucan respect children’s energy levels and physical capabilities in an effort to improve their self-esteem, which is often affected by cancer and cancer treatments.

Over the past year, Leucan organized over 150 activities across the province, helping hundreds of member families create lasting memories.

Provincial activities:

Interregional activities:

Regional activities:

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