Hosting and Support Services in Playrooms

She adores going to the hospital now, because she forgets about treatments and injections as soon as she enters the playroom.Annie Dubeau, mother of Charlie (diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia)

The hospital is an obligatory stop for families with a cancer-stricken child. Every year, sick children spend hundreds of hours at the outpatient clinics of the pediatric oncology centres where they receive cancer treatments. In an effort to create a safe and warm environment for families, Leucan set up playrooms for children and lounges for teenagers; places where children can play and have fun while parents meet and build friendships.

A playroom is available at the Sainte-Justine HUC, at Centre mère-enfant du CHUQ and at the CHUS. Moreover, Leucan provides the equipment of the playroom at the Montreal Children’s Hospital of the MUHC.

The hosting services take the form of creative activities (painting on wood, jewellery creation, arts and crafts, etc…), discussions, games, and ad-hoc activities such as community dinners, Halloween or Christmas party, etc.

Playrooms set a good atmosphere:

  • To listen;
  • To help each other;
  • To share;
  • To have friendly exchanges and;
  • To give children the opportunity to act and play like children despite their disease.

Leucan also provides children with electronic equipment to entertain them during hospital stays.

The educators in charge of the playroom services are also a great source of support for parents to whom they offer:

  • Comfort;
  • An attentive ear;
  • References on certain topics;
  • Information
In 2018-19, Leucan playrooms and lounges welcomed more than 41,000 visitors (children and their entourage – siblings, parents, grandparents, etc.)

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