Leucan provides families with financial assistance to help them cope with unforeseen expenses arising from their child’s illness. 

Families of cancer-stricken children have greater financial needs, with new expenses getting added to their regular budget: 

  • Travel, accommodation, and meal expenses during the treatments and medical follow-ups 
  • Child-minding for their other children during the time spent at the hospital 
  • Loss of income if one parent takes a leave from work to stay with the sick child during treatments and hospital stays 


  • An Initial Grant of $500 is automatically allocated to all families of a newly diagnosed child regardless of income. 
  • Depending on your child’s individual treatment protocol, you will receive a quarterly support grant to compensate for part of the financial constraints of your new reality. 
  • If you find yourself in a difficult financial situation, the Emergency Fund can help to cover essential needs such as living expenses. 

Funds and Programs 

How to access this service? 

At your first meeting with a Leucan Advisor, a number of available grants will be introduced to you. 

Throughout your child’s illness, the team of Leucan will keep abreast of your financial needs. Please do not hesitate to reach out to an advisor who will help you to find a suitable solution. 

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