Leucan organizes a variety of lively fundraising activities all year long! As part of our events and solicitation activities, we are looking for children or teenagers, and their families, to become ambassadors in order to highlight their reality and their journey as well as the support received, to raise awareness of Leucan’s mission.

What is the role of an ambassador?   

Your child’s involvement as an ambassador does not require them to speak in public. However, taking photos and attending activities are usually required. Contact with journalists may occur, but it is always possible for a family member to speak on your child’s behalf.

There are no expenses assumed by families for their involvement; on the contrary, compensations are offered such as gifts and coverage of meal and travel expenses, if applicable.

Interested in becoming an ambassador?

Fill in the form and we’ll contact you if we have activities in your area and/or according to your interests. Thank you in advance for your interest in helping Leucan.

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