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January 17, 2023

A leader in the transportation of petroleum products in Quebec, Transport Jacques Auger has once again demonstrated its solidarity with children with cancer in the province by raising $133,114 for Leucan in 2022.

The Quebec company has been one of the Association’s most loyal partners, organizing the annual “Promenade en camion” fundraising event for nearly 20 years. Every year since 2004, the event represents an opportunity to enjoy a memorable family outing while supporting Leucan. During this day, families enjoy several animations and have the chance to ride in a truck.

In 2022, the event could not take place but the partners were invited to make a donation to Leucan and their response was impressive: a collection of $133,114!

Since 2004, Transport Jacques Auger’s commitment to the Association has helped raise a total of $1,747,413 to help children with cancer.

Leucan would like to thank Mr. Jacques Auger, his children, Andréanne and Marc-Antoine Auger, his team, as well as the partners, donors and collaborators of Promenade en camion for their immense generosity and loyalty.

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