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February 06, 2024

Leucan is pleased to highlight the involvement of La Fédération des producteurs d’œufs du Québec with the Association since 2006. This 19-year partnership is incredibly valuable to Leucan. 

Once again in 2023, the Fédération des producteurs d’œufs du Québec has generously contributed a donation of $25,000 to the Association. 

Leucan and all its member families would like to express their gratitude to Quebec’s 178 egg producers for their generosity during the 2023 holiday season. Their support plays an essential role in the realization of Leucan’s mission. Since 2006, the Fédération des producteurs d’œufs du Québec has provided significant support to families with a child diagnosed with cancer through its contribution to the food assistance program. This assistance is crucial in helping families cope with the financial burden associated with cancer, because no one plans for cancer in their budget. 

Special thanks go to Paulin Bouchard, FPOQ President, and Marie-Isabel Martineau, FPOQ Marketing and Communications Director, without whom this collaboration would not be possible. 

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