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May 25, 2022

Leucan and its Board of Trustees are proud to welcome Juli Meilleur as the new Executive Director of the Association.

Juli has extensive experience in management positions. In addition to her leadership skills and strategic vision, Juli is intimately familiar with Leucan and its services.

Her leadership and innovative spirit will enhance and support both the executive team and the various teams of Leucan. The Board of Trustees joins me in congratulating Juli warmly for her nomination.Pascal Proulx, President of Leucan's Board of Trustees

A seasoned, innovative manager to lead Leucan’s executive team

Juli has extensive experience, having held management positions over 15 years in the sponsorship, marketing, and events sectors. She also benefits from an invaluable expertise in philanthropy, having been executive director of the Children’s Wish Foundation in Quebec from 2014 to 2021. In this role, she spearheaded a number of development projects and provided strategic direction to navigate major restructuring within the organization.

A strong and unique connection to Leucan

Juli’s family’s journey through illness began in 2007, and right away, the team of Leucan was there to provide emotional support and services to relieve some of the pain and break the family out of its isolation. This direct and personal experience will allow her to understand the concerns of member families and to contribute to developing the range of services provided by Leucan.

It’s an honour for me to join Leucan, an Association that plays such a crucial role for families in Quebec. My leap into philanthropy certainly led me to a new personal and professional passion. This passion is ignited further today as I join an organization recognized for its dedication and commitment to families in a moment where they desperately need that support. Because of my family’s history, I have firsthand knowledge of the many needs of families with a cancer-stricken child.Juli Meilleur, Executive Director
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