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November 03, 2023

Every year, a hockey team rallies to support Leucan’s cause by taking on an extraordinary challenge: playing 25 hours of uninterrupted hockey against 25 different teams! The event brings together men’s and women’s teams of all ages and skill levels, including professional players.

This year, a fundraising record was set, and $77,856 was donated to Leucan. We would like to express our deep gratitude to all participants who contributed to this exceptional success.

Since the beginning of this commitment in 2012, a total of $219,586 has been donated to Leucan. This incredible feat was made possible by the tireless dedication of the organizing committee, players and volunteers who surpass themselves year after year. Their devotion enables Leucan to support children with cancer at every stage of their fight against the disease and its consequences. Thank you all for your continued support of Leucan and for helping to make a real difference in the lives of children affected by cancer.

Click here to visit the event’s website.

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