September 1 marks the beginning of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Today, Leucan invites you to join a huge movement of support and admiration for the families affected by this disease.

Shine Bright for Leucan

Throughout September, we need your help to light up the lives of affected families in gold, to honor the gold ribbon, the international symbol for childhood cancer awareness.

How to participate in the Shine Bright for Leucan movement?

We invite everyone to drape themselves in gold and share posts and pictures to express their support on social media. You can use the #Leucan or tag @Leucan.

  • Wear gold makeup, gold nail polish, etc.;
  • Wear gold clothing and accessories;
  • Have your pet wear a gold accessory.

  • Illuminate your living space with gold lighting  (terrace, living room, etc.).

Download the templates that Leucan has prepared for you

In order to help you Shine Bright for Leucan, you can download the different templates available. It is a simple and effective way to show your support to children with cancer and their families.

 Instagram Stories

Download the Instagram Stories templates and share them on your account. Don’t forget to tag @Leucan and to use the #Leucan hashtag.

Post on social media

Download the templates and share them on your favorite social media. Remember to identify @Leucan and use the #Leucan hashtag.

Social Media Cover Pictures

Download the templates and share them on your favorite social media. Remember to identify @Leucan and use the #Leucan hashtag.

A Campaign Focused on the Long and Difficult Journey to Recovery

Throughout the arduous journey imposed by childhood cancer, which can last several years, families experience a series of extremely painful emotions. They are forever transformed by cancer.

That is why your participation is essential!

Help Leucan to make as many Quebecers as possible aware of the reality and the stages that families of cancer-stricken children must go through. Thus, we invite you to link your sparkling participation and publication to one or more of the stages of cancer; your reason for shining bright for Leucan.

  • For children who have to go back to school without hair, with a different appearance;
  • For brothers and sisters who feel powerless in the face of their sibling’s disease;
  • For children who relapse;
  • For parents who have to quit their jobs to stay at their child’s bedside;
  • For families who can finally go home together;
  • For all children in remission;
  • For children whose resilience knows no bounds.
  • See +

Together, let’s send a strong message of solidarity and love to all families affected by childhood cancer.


A Gold Light Will Shine all over Quebec for a Month

On September 1, to mark the beginning of this month-long awareness campaign, a number of organizations across Quebec will join the movement. So join ATTITUDE; Capitole de Québec; Chaussures Pop; Complexe Desjardins in Montréal; Desjardins head office in Lévis; Confédération des syndicats nationaux (CSN), partner of the Leucan-CSN Summer Camp; Est-ce qu’on te coiffe?; Fairmont le Château Frontenac; Hôtel Château Laurier; Hôtel de Ville de Sherbrooke; Hôtel Universel; LG Cloutier; Mode Choc; Planchers Mercier; Proxim, presenting sponsor of the Leucan Shaved Head Challenge; Société des arts technologiques (SAT); and Tour du Stade olympique, and Shine Bright for Leucan..

  • Invite your employees to Shine Bright for Leucan and share pictures on your social media;
  • Modify your logo by adding a gold element during the month of September;
  • Illuminate your building or floor in gold;
  • Take a team photo in front of a gold setting;
  • Download the templates and post them on social media.

Zoë Morinville, 17 years old, leukemia survivor

After being forced to put her life on hold for 3 years following a diagnosis of acute lymphoblastic leukemia, Zoë Morinville comes out of this ordeal changed forever.

At the age of 17, Zoë talks about the different stages of the disease, the many obstacles she had to overcome, as well as the comfort that Leucan provided to her entire family.

One year after the end of her treatments, Zoë is driven by a great desire to help and raise awareness of the cause. For Zoë: « The more we talk about childhood cancer, the more research will move forward to improve the quality of life of young survivors like me. »