The Leucan Defenders – OLD

Behind a childhood cancer diagnosis, Leucan is there to help the family survive daily life that does not exist anymore.

Defenders are people like you who give back to the community and who are involved in any way in helping families affected by the disease.

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The Defenders stop at nothing.

Dare a shaved head, take a ski mountain or the Montreal Old Port by storm, put your strength to the test, form a squad at work: all means work to create a wave of solidarity. Discover the numerous fundraising activities of Leucan.

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They're heroes every day.

The children need you. Stand together with Leucan’s team, the medical staff and the researchers: change the daily lives of families by giving to Leucan. Your donation is more powerful than you think!



They do good around them.

Use fearless energy to tackle all sorts of important tasks that Leucan activities require.

Be a hero in the lives of children who have cancer and their families.

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Show children with cancer and their families just how much they mean to you. Join the gang.

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Portraits of the Leucan Defenders

The Defenders featured in Leucan’s new print ad, created by TAM-TAM\TBWA, are all members of Leucan’s extended family: these employees and volunteers have been supporting Leucan and children with cancer for years. Find out who The Defenders are by reading the portraits below.

Grégoire Pierre

Volunteer since September 2003

UNITED TO SUPPORT Leucan means supporting Leucan through all means necessary, i.e. raising money to help children and families and to fund research.

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Marie-Joëlle Dubreuil

Employee since June 2014

Thousands of people have been pulling together under the Leucan umbrella for 40 years now. We invite the public to rally around our cause to support children and their families.

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Mathias Gomez-Tyo

Volunteer since 2008 and employee since 2014

A family can also be a rugby team, a choir who’s been singing together for two years, or even a “gang”. UNITED TO SUPPORT Leucan is having family as part of your core.

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Mathieu Déziel

Employee since 2016

I often hear “Leucan is like a second family to us.” For me, being UNITED TO SUPPORT Leucan means making that family story possible.

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Sandra Kesraoui

Volunteer since 2017

By combining simple actions with strength in numbers, we can have a major impact on the lives of sick children.”

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Hélène Lee

Volunteer since 2017

UNITED TO SUPPORT Leucan represents this positive and collective energy that helps sick children and their families.

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