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September 07, 2022

Leucan Earrings of hope:

Wear them proudly in support of cancer-stricken children

Leucan is proud to join Mia Bijoux for this 9th edition with the launch of a new campaign for the brand-new model of the Earrings of Hope.

This year’s earrings include a model made for adults and one for children, and will be available in limited quantities starting today, September 7, 2022.

For every pair sold, $20 will be donated to the Association.

Four young spokespersons get the star treatment

For the 2022-23 edition of the Earrings of Hope, four inspiring young spokespersons agreed to take part in this brand-new campaign concept. The four young Leucan members enjoyed an unforgettable day of pampering.

Arianne Côté, 17, diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma; Mélorie Fortin, 18, diagnosed with rhabdomyosarcoma; Maella Célestin, 14, diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia; and Laurence Légaré, 17, diagnosed with acute myeloblastic leukemia, all signed up to become stars for a day.

Our young stars experienced a professional photo shoot with a photographer, a videographer, and a team of make-up artists and hairdressers. For a day, they took a well-deserved break from their daily reality and enjoyed their turn under the spotlight to become the new faces of this campaign.

The photo session was such a great experience. Since my first treatment three years ago, I lost all self-confidence. I’ve been hiding in my clothes, staying at home rather than going out with friends because I’m scared of what people will think of me. I left the photo shoot with the confidence I had before cancer treatment took its toll. I finally feel like going out and enjoying life again, not caring about what people may think or say. I’m so grateful to have had this opportunity to take part in the campaign for the Leucan Earrings of Hope.” Mélorie Fortin, young spokesperson

Proud Ambassadors for the cause

Our four young spokespersons selected the ambassadors for the 9th edition of this campaign and had the opportunity to meet them during the photo shoot. Together, they beautifully showcased the two new models of earrings—for adult and children—created by Mia Bijoux. Here are the generous ambassadors chosen by our four spokespersons:

  • Julie Houle, TV host
  • Marie-Christine Leblanc, author and TV host
  • Emilie Bierre, actress
  • Vanessa James, figure skater
  • Alice Morel-Michaud, actress

Get your own pair today!

This year again, a limited number of 8,000 pairs of earrings will be available for purchase, generating $160,000 for Leucan. The Leucan Earrings of Hope are retailed at $35 (+tax) for adults and $30 (+tax) for children.

You can get your own pair from Mia Bijoux online or at one of the jeweller’s retail booths.

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