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February 15, 2018

On the occasion of International Childhood Cancer Awareness Day, Leucan celebrates 40 years of supporting cancer-stricken children and their families and unveils a brand-new awareness-raising campaign, coupled with an immersive virtual reality experience.

Leucan introduces The Defenders

Leucan is proud to introduce its new awareness-raising campaign, developed by TAM-TAM\TBWA, starring The Defenders, i.e. all the people involved with Leucan to help families cope with their new reality after a childhood cancer diagnosis. “Over the past 40 years, Leucan has been surrounded by Defenders: our donors, volunteers, participants, partners… The idea to represent them like members of a band doing good for families of children with cancer came from them,” explained Lysanne Groulx, Director, Annual Campaigns and Communications.

This new campaign features advertisement on TV and in print, in addition to being promoted online and in social media. A number of public figures, including Danièle Henkel, Marie-Mai, Dominic Paquet, Patrick Groulx, Patrice Michaud, King Melrose and Guillaume Pineault, will showcase their support for the campaign today on their social media platforms. For more information on the different ways of becoming a Defender for Leucan, the population is invited to visit

Virtual reality to walk in the shoes of affected families

Again, in the context of its 40th anniversary, Leucan, in partnership with Productions Figure 55, will present a virtual reality experience entitled “Mettons-nous à leur place” (Let’s put ourselves in their situation). Through an immersive movie, this innovative outreach strategy brings viewers into the reality and the intense emotions of families coping with pediatric cancer, while also showing the support and hope provided by Leucan through it all. With a script inspired by the testimonials of real families, this virtual reality experience will be accessible to the public at various shaving sites across the province during the Leucan Shaved Head Challenge, and as part of special activities and benefit events hosted by the Association.

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