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February 15, 2021

Leucan, the Association for children with cancer, is proud to present Les Audacieuses, an unprecedented movement of solidarity, bringing together exceptional women from various backgrounds to create a great wave of inspiration and generosity across Quebec. Together, they will undertake the most powerful gesture of solidarity with cancer-stricken children there is: they will shaved their heads as part of the Leucan Shaved Head Challenge, presented by Proxim.

They said yes to changing their hairstyle to change the lives of thousands of children

Leucan selected the women part of Les Audacieuses to lead this ambitious project because they are confident, influential, courageous, inspiring and daring. Together, they defy society’s diktat relating beauty and appearance by proving that a woman’s hair does not define her femininity. The following women are part of Les Audacieuses:

Fewer women take on the Challenge: Leucan wants to reverse the trend

Year after year, barely a third of the participants in the Leucan Shaved Head Challenge are women. Pascale Bouchard wants to reverse the trend. “We want every girl, every woman to be able to identify with Les Audacieuses. We have brought together women from different backgrounds who, in everyday life, would have never met. They’re uniting for Leucan in a joint, strong movement.”

A goal of $200,000

Les Audacieuses not only wish to carry a message of hope to children with cancer and inspire thousands of women to follow their lead; together, they have a fundraising goal of $200,000. These funds will allow Leucan to continue to support families who face a pediatric cancer diagnosis and help them financially, as well as invest in pediatric oncology research.


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