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April 26, 2016

Jean-Sébastien Beaulne, a Leucan member and parent, created a mobile game called Camie to thank Leucan for the services provided to his son Émile during his fight against cancer.

“When you play the game, you become Camie, a ladybug who must face enemies bigger and more powerful than she is, just like my son did during his fight against cancer,” explains the game creator. In addition, Camie must fulfil a crucial mission: eradicate the aphids that have infested the tree and that spend their days eating its leaves, which is harmful to the tree, to draw the analogy with cancer even further. To reach her goal, Camie possesses a few competitive advantages, including the ability to move very fast and to fly for a few seconds at a time, but she must also be on her guard from enemies such as a giant spider and a crow who appear from time to time and attempt to capture her.

Leucan is very happy to count on the generosity of Mr. Beaulne, who will donate $2 to Leucan to support other families like his with each purchase of the game in iTunes, Google Play Store and Amazon.

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