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September 01, 2018

On this day marking the beginning of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, Leucan seizes the opportunity to remind people of the importance of support when cancer-stricken children return to school after a long period of hospitalization.

“The treatments children undergo have several ramifications, including a change in physical appearance, troubles with concentration, fatigue, a weakened immune system, etc. All those changes lead to undue stress for children who are seeking out a sense of normalcy and hope to forget about their illness and enjoy back-to-school time like any other kids,” explained Carol Beaudry, Provincial Director, Family Services, Research and Partnerships.

In 2001, Leucan launched an outreach and support program to educate parents, the school staff, and the classmates on the realities of cancer-stricken children, and provide them with helpful tools. This tangible support fosters empathy and helps children with cancer to flourish, persevere, and succeed in school. In the past year, Leucan supported 85 children returning to school and met with more than 3,100 students to increase their awareness on the reality of their sick classmate.

For more information on Leucan’s School Awareness and Assistance in School program, click here.

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