The diagnostic

Dania was complaining about pain in her knee, so we went to see her doctor and he recommended an ultrasound. From that ultrasound, the doctor said it was a sprain, but she said “No, it’s not sprained, it hurts too much”. We did more tests including an MRI. They immediately referred her to St-Justine Hospital. And that’s where she got the diagnostic: an osteosarcoma, bone cancer.

It’s a shock because she’s very athletic, so we were expecting a diagnostic connected to her sport, like a tear, crack, fracture, but not this. So it was a shock for the whole family and often, cancer means death, it’s not a positive connotation, because we know chances of recovery are not at 100%.

About the Leucan services

Comfort, inform and guide

What I felt was great empathy and a profound desire to help us out. It’s comforting to know we are not alone. I have help here for us.

Financial Assistance

I received a monthly allowance to pay for parking, because we’re always at the hospital. I was very surprised by that news, I wasn’t expecting it. Of course the income decreases, because one parent stops working, in my case it was me, but the monthly charges don’t decrease. On the contrary, they increase. Adding to that is parking bills, food, transportation, if I think about people in the regions, transportation and gas…

Alleviate physical and psychological pain

For my daughter, it has been difficult to receive massages. She’s 16 and of course, at 16 years old, they are constantly bothered in their intimacy. There’s always someone in your bubble. You’re not left in peace. So for her, at the beginning, it was difficult to accept massages. Throughout the treatments, they kept coming to ask her if she wanted them, then slowly, she accepted and she liked it. She was waiting for them. It was good for her, it relaxed her. They have physical pain, because they are often lying down, so this allows them to have a little moment of relaxation, of well-being, it’s a touch they accepted. It’s not a touch because of an injection, it’s a touch of pleasure, of relaxation.

For the parents, with the stress we are living and the wonderful hospital beds, we are stiff and aching, we feel so much tension. So it’s a moment of relaxation for us as well.

Fight cancer and improve treatments

Research is the way to cure as many children as possible or reduce the side effects after chemotherapy, because there are a lot. For us, it’s very important.

Break families out of their isolation and contribute to their well-being

I really enjoyed having lunch and talking to other parents. It was a meeting point where they [Leucan ] would take care of us, the parents, specifically, in this ordeal. It allowed us to share our stories. We didn’t feel they were in a hurry. If they had other things to do, we never felt it. We feel they are really there for us.

What your donations represent to Leucan and the families

At first, I only knew Leucan through the money box campaign for sick children, that’s all I knew. Now, I know what they really do. Leucan offers financial and psychological support, a helping hand for families, because a sick child is a sick family. That’s what I felt the most, they want to help the whole family. Help bring a bit of joy through these difficult treatments. Sometimes, we can have disappointments, so they are here to help us, to support us at all times. If we need anything, we can ask them. The helping hand is always extended towards us.

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