The diagnosis

We had a routine medical appointment at the hospital. We went. Since that day, we stayed at the hospital two to three long months. We did not leave the hospital, it was a very sad news, as much for him as for the entire family. At first, we didn’t even know what to do. It was such a hard news for us, but slowly, we said to ourselves, ok, he’s going to get through it, and we will too.

About the Leucan services

Comfort, inform and guide

The information Leucan provides us is greatly important. I really salute everyone who works at Leucan. My son didn’t have any hair because of his treatments, before he had to go back to school. Marylène went to the school meet the other kids and give them a briefing: “Does William suffers? Why is he like that?” His integration at school, in his classroom, went really well, the kids collaborated very well, the teachers too, everyone really. It’s really thanks to Marylène from Leucan. These are unparalleled services. I have no words.

Financial Assistance

When William got sick, my wife was a student, she was going to start working, I was working, but I wasn’t going in every day. I had to take two to three weeks off. He was hospitalized. I had to take unpaid days. My wife doesn’t work, so it’s a big hit on the budget. And we had to travel from Ste-Julie, the transportation, gas, it’s expensive. But Leucan really helped us. Marylène, our agent at Leucan, called us and said “Are you okay? Do you need anything? Do not hesitate when you have problems.” Thankfully we made it through.

Alleviate physical and psychological pain

We had the opportunity to receive massages. When we go to the hospital, at Sainte-Justine, they offer the service on the spot. Every time, William is happy because it relieves his pain. In the beginning, they did lumbar punctures, then with the treatments, he felt pain in his back and feet. With a good massage, he feels a lot better. He reacts well, and at the end, he is very relaxed. It’s something he really appreciates.

Fight cancer and improve treatments

In the future, it’s sure that other people will suffer from this disease. Everything we receive, surveys, parent participation, blood tests, we participate in everything. Because to prepare for the future, it’s really through research that we will find something.

Break families out of their isolation and contribute to their well-being

I participated in many activities from Leucan and I got the chance to meet other parents in the same situation as me! Sometimes, we live the sickness with our son and think we are alone, but there are other parents suffering at the same time and we had the opportunity to meet. I participated in the CSN Summer Camp this summer. We exchanged a lot. We told each other we need to stay strong together. The kid, he needs support from the family. And by family I mean the entire Leucan family. Leucan works really hard to regroup all these parents and give them a chance to talk. Because when someone is sick, we have a tendency to stay home, isolate: I don’t think it’s the right thing to do. We have to open up and reach out to other people. It’s at that moment that we exchange, have ideas and encourage each other. William also has the chance to meet other people, other kids that are sick like him.

What your donations represent to Leucan and the families

You give for a very good cause! Because sickness doesn’t look to see if someone is rich or poor. When we give, it’s because we can afford to. It can be $1, $5, $1000, in the end, the amount will be used to give a sick child a smile. There are a lot of families in need of financial help: this $1 or $1000 contributes to relieve families. Do not hesitate. And be assured that this money is going to a very good cause.

How the Ramanah family is giving back

Now it’s our turn to give, we also get involved a lot. We did the Leucan Shaved Head Challenge and we were the spokesperson family. And we contribute too. Now we have the capability to do so, we can do it, so we give when there are activities. When someone asks, we do not hesitate! Because we’ve been through it, we know what it is. Other families will live the same thing, so it’s our turn. We received help. And now, it’s our turn to give.

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