About Leucan’s services

Emotional support and assistance

Following the diagnosis, while I was taking Miriam to one of her medical appointments, my husband met with Leucan’s welcome adviser who explained to him what we could expect over the upcoming months. He told me that she was awesome. We felt well supported and we received the Leucan welcome bag… It was truly a great meeting. Back in Val-d’Or, Lise Paquin from Leucan called several times to find out how I, Miriam and the whole family were doing, but also to give us tips; things that other families did to get through their ordeal. Truly, we received an extremely good support and I’m very grateful.

Socio-recreational activities

The gatherings that Leucan hosts here, in our area, are really great. We can take the whole family and it gives us a chance to meet with other people and chat a little. Because we share a similar reality, we can exchange tips and advice. And the activities are lovely; for example, a visit from Santa Claus at the Christmas party or the daytrip to a farm. Children love it.

Financial assistance to families

Since we live six hours away from Montreal, the financial assistance provided by Leucan was of great help to us because we never planned for accommodation, parking and gas fees! We didn’t initially plan in our budget the trips to Montreal every three months and the associated expenses. During Miriam’s surgery, we had to be in Montreal once a month. That’s a lot of money. We were very, very grateful for the help.

Investment in research

The investments in clinical research are very important. When Miriam had her surgery, we signed consent forms to have her medical record and tumour studied so that researchers can one day find a cure. It’s critical, especially for ailments affecting children. Children are not even fully aware of the concept of illness. They practically get no time to live normally, which makes it even more important to invest both time and money in research.

How do Audrey, Miriam and their family give back to Leucan

The Leucan Shaved Head Challenge

Las year, my nephew took on the Leucan Shaved Head Challenge. He did it for Miriam. While he was seeking donations, he said he was doing it for little kids, but also for his sick cousin who was cured in the end because of all the donations. I think it’s such a beautiful gesture and, honestly, it warms my heart to see all the people taking on the Leucan Shaved Head Challenge. Actually, my husband plans on taking on the Challenge this year or the next.


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