About Leucan’s services

Emotional support and assistance

Chantal [Leucan adviser] came to meet us at the hospital. She brought along a big, red bag and wide smile. I will always remember that first meeting: we sat down and it felt like she was close to me… in a way that I can’t describe. Though we didn’t know each other, she was so warm. She sat down, she made eye-contact, she understood… Chantal is so precious to us. [After the diagnosis] we were hysterical. We were crying… I just unloaded on Chantal, and she simply listened to me. I felt so lost that I told her everything, and she truly listened. I didn’t know where to turn with this excess of emotions, but she was there: truly in the right place at the right time. That’s priceless. Their support is important. It makes the difference.

Massage therapy

We have a special bond with François [massage therapist] because he used to treat my first cousin once removed who sadly passed away. We heard a lot about François back then. Whenever he set up a session with Nolan, our son enjoyed thirty minutes for himself. My husband and I really appreciated it, too. It’s like a moment of relaxation for me. Sometimes, when it was just Nolan and me at home, we couldn’t go to the hospital, so the massage therapist came home. It felt like we were in our little bubble.

Socio-recreational activities

The activities are invaluable. It’s really important to maintain them because it’s probably the only moment in all of this where you tell yourself: “I’m not alone in this world.” While your child is sick, you feel downright isolated. There are no connections. You can’t see your friends for lack of time and because of medical precautions. At Leucan’s activities, we can chat with other parents and see our children bond and have fun playing together. Even my other child, who does not have cancer, looks forward to see his friends and the other children with a cancer-stricken sibling. I really treasure those times when I see them all play together.

Investment in research

Medications are all about chemicals. Research findings are used to improve medications and reduce long-term side-effects. Research leads to discoveries that can save lives. It’s priceless and so important. Statistics prove it: there has been an increase in the survival rate over the last 15 years. Research is crucial.

How do Annie, Nolan and their family give back to Leucan

Run for Leucan

At one point, Nolan couldn’t even walk anymore. One of the first things we did once he got better was to talk a walk. It’s so important and significant to be able to get back to our regular routine. Running in a race is also very symbolic: it’s about health; it’s about taking part in a physical activity as a family that will energize us and make us feel strong.

Nolan: I will run for Leucan because Leucan was there for me during my fight.

Nolan was the child spokesperson of Run for Leucan in Outaouais in 2016.

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