Financial Assistance Program For Post-Treatment Sequelae

The Financial Assistance Program for Post-Treatment Sequelae is specifically intended for individuals diagnosed with pediatric cancer and suffering sequelae from the disease or its treatment. This program is available to individuals with physical, psychological or learning sequelae up to 20 years post-treatment.


The financial assistance provided as part of this program to individuals suffering sequelae from pediatric cancer is complementary to any governmental assistance and/or private health insurance. This program cannot be used for costs already covered or reimbursed by the State (Ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux-MSSS, Régie de l’assurance maladie du Québec-RAMQ, school programs, etc.) and/or a private health insurance policy.


Eligibility criteria

The following eligibility criteria apply:

  • Being diagnosed with pediatric cancer;
  • Being a member of Leucan;
  • Cancer treatment terminated;
  • For psychological sequelae and learnings disabilities, and period of two years post- treatment is required;
  • Suffering sequelae from cancer or from any therapy used to treat pediatric cancer;
  • Applying no later than 20 years post-treatment.
  • Eligible for reimbursement: any eligible treatment or service already paid or partially reimbursed by a other organism.

The program does not apply to:

  • Sequelae from a previous situation, which occurred before the pediatric cancer diagnosis.


Below is a list of physical and psychological sequelae, which shall be considered for the granting of financial assistance under this program.

Physical sequelae

  • Visual or auditory impairment (hearing or visual aid required or ocular prostheses)
  • Issues requiring special or cosmetic surgeries;
  • Remedial dental care;
  • Orthopedic disorder: need for special prosthesis or orthotic device;
  • Chronic pain and remedial treatment: physiotherapy, psychotherapy, osteopathy, lymph- drainage;
  • Need for supervised physical training.


For needs related to oral sequelae of oncological origin, you must first check your eligibility for the Pediatric Oncology Oral Care Program (PSBOP) with your doctor or dentist.

To learn more about the program, visit the Website at or write to .

Psychological sequelae

  • Need for private psychological care: psychologist, social worker, sexologist or any other member of a relevant professional body (depending on the suggested form of therapy).

*Note: Psychiatric fees are covered by RAMQ

Learning disabilities

  • Need for services due to learning difficulties or disabilities: neuropsychological assessment and treatment, remedial instruction, speech therapy, educational guidance, educational consultant, etc.
  • Need for adaptive equipment (computer, etc.)

*Note: Requests for adaptation sequelae can only be made twice a year, either before the 3rd Friday of August or the 3rd Friday of January.

For travel expenses

Travel expenses may be reimbursable when the care provided for a sequelae requires transportation by car (reimbursement of mileage and parking) or taxi (reimbursement of the round trip), under certain conditions. Please note that this reimbursement also applies to a trip to an establishment or service in the public network, for which you are not requesting a grant.

To be eligible, these five conditions must all be met:

  1. The trip is made to treat a sequela described in the form
  2. Travel is frequent (at least twice a month)
  3. The trip is recurring (at least two consecutive months)
  4. Minimum expenses for travel must reach a minimum of $ 100 per month
  5. A summary treatment plan must be provided by the professional

If the request is accepted, the reimbursement will be based on the kilometers traveled by automobile (according to the rate in effect at Leucan) or on the cost of transportation by taxi (receipt required).

Travel by public transit is not eligible.


Application documents must include:

  • Identification (personal information)
  • Section 1: treatments description and recommendation from a physician on the causal link between the cancer treatments and the sequelae(s). Il is not required to fill this part if a demand for a grant was submitted within the las two years;
  • Sections 2: two estimates for each treatment/service required;
  • If possible, proof that required services cannot be totally or partially provided by school, local CLSC, etc.;
  • Signature, amount requested et date;

In case of radiation therapy, copy of treatment plan from a radiation oncologist specifying the treatment area and radiation dose.


Learning disabilities


  • Need for services due to learning difficulties or disabilities: neuropsychological assessment and treatment, remedial instruction, speech therapy, educational guidance, educational consultant, etc.
  • Need for adaptive equipment (computer, etc.)


  • Intervention plan for special education needs
  • Neuropsychological report if available
  • Recommendation of a specialist explaining the need for and the type of adaptive equipment required
  • Confirmation from school administration that required equipment can be used in class and that student will be supported by a member of staff in the use of said equipment.
  • Two (2) bids for similar equipment, including a list of required software to meet the student’s needs.


The application form and all required documents must be forwarded to Leucan Information Centre at the address below. The form must be completed by the applicant or his/her parent or legal guardian if applicant is a minor. Sections reserved to health care professionals and specialists who will provide the requested services must also be completed and signed.

If you need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact your regional Family Services Agent/Advisor. The contact information can be found at

Please send the completed form and support documents to:

Patrick Cossette
Leucan Information Centre
CHU Sainte-Justine
3175, Chemin de la Côte-Sainte-Catherine, local B.12.46 Montréal (Québec) H3T 1C5
Phone: 514 345-2336 (région de Montréal)
Free of charge: 1 866 590-4847 (outside Montreal)
Fax: 514 345-7774


Application Review Committee

Applications are forwarded to a committee comprising various specialists, mandated to make recommendations to Leucan.


Following recommendations from the committee, Leucan will contact the applicant or his/her parent or legal guardian to inform him/her of Leucan’s decision and, if applicable, will authorize the start of treatments requested in the application.

Note: Incomplete applications will not be submitted to the committee. Please make sure to send all required documents.


The completed form and all relevant documents can be sent at any time, but demands concerning learning disabilities can be sent to Leucan tice a year no later than that either the 3rd Friday of January or August.